Welcome to Mahinda Rajapaksa College - Matara

MahindaRajapakse Collegewas opened on the 17th of February 2013 by the former President MahindaRajapakse, is not only a school limited to the Southern Province but also to the whole country. The school was an innovative gift to the students of the whole country offering them a fresh and novel experience in the school system in Sri Lanka.

MahindaRajapakse College presently has the capacity for more than 2000 students, 100 teachers. MRCM offers education from grades 6 to 13 with an A/L section with Arts, Commerce, Maths, Science and Technical streams. It is a place where the lives of the students are developed qualitatively with the intention of producing better citizens to the whole country.


Our Vision

 To endow the motherland with a self-assured child bearing good attitudes and ready for a global life.

Our Mission

To mould a Sri Lankan with a balanced personality who will love and feel the pulse of nature, who will be able to manage the existing physical and human resources along with the future technologies while having the strength to overcome the challenges the Sri Lankan Society faces and will work for the co-existence of equity and justice.  





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Our Location

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