Reason for Establishment..

Encouraging rhe aspects of "Mahind Chinthana" another splendid occasion was declared in the green vallys of Matara on 17th Feb 2013, the Opening of Mahinda Rajapaka College. The gaint wings of an excellent education are not spread towards rural champions, who have passed the grade five scholoraship examination with top level marks ad there are only. 12 National schools with a limited number of seats in matara Zone. According to statistics, there were 600 brilient students left over in their rural schools, thought they have got through the grade five schololarship examinations. Giving those rural champions a better solution,Mahinda Rajapaksa College, Matara was established 2ith 180 scholraship holders for five, grade six classes to elimeante their education career.

The story Behind The Establishment..

The preliminary plans of commencing Mahinda Rajapaksa College was started to discuss in September 2012, with the honourable Minister Dalas Alahapperuma, the pathfinder of Matara.
The major aim of establishing a Mahinda Rajapaksa College in Matara was to develop this school as a historic turning point of Sri Lankan education culture by providing all most all the modern facilities to the school.
with that aim in mind, the Department of Education was seeking a proper place for this school. At last the final decision came into light. It ase to take two acres in a place called, Wallamadama Rassandeniya.
The buildings in this land were built for Mahamaya Balika Vidyalaya, Matara as it was heavily damaged by Tsunami in the year 2004. AS Mahamaya Balika Vidyalaya has rejected shifting to this new land due to the belifs of People Mahinda Rajapaksa College was decided to establish here.
The name of this place "Rassandeniya" was changed as it is belived to be harmful for an image of a school. It is named as "Sarasavi Uyana" enlightening the true image of a school.